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Mursion is the virtual training platform where professionals practice and master the complex interpersonal skills they need to be effective in high-stakes careers. To learn more about how Mursion is reinventing professional learning:

Mursion in Action

Originally designed as a virtual training platform for teachers and school principals, Mursion’s immersive training simulator is now being leveraged by a wide range of innovative organizations to improve their employees’ interpersonal skills with customers. In collaboration with client content experts, Mursion designs customized training simulations and performance-based assessments that match the unique learning objectives of our clients.

Customer Service Training

Mursion provides immersive learning opportunities for front-line staff in hospitality, healthcare, retail, and other sectors that demand friendly, helpful, and efficient customer service.
In the scenario above, front desk hotel staff practice how to effectively handle challenging customers. Learn more about Mursion’s approach by reading our Hospitality Case Study.

HR and Leadership Training

Hard-to-teach leadership skills, such as conducting performance reviews or performance improvement interventions, are easily rehearsed in Mursion’s simulator. Mursion also creates multi-avatar environments to allow trainees to practice facilitating team meetings or managing an interpersonal conflict that is impeding job performance.

Improving Healthcare Professionalism

In our simulator, healthcare professionals can practice a wide range of essential interpersonal skills. In the scenario above, healthcare professionals practice delivering negative diagnoses to family members of a patient. Healthcare professionals can also rehearse standardized patient interviews.

Teacher Preparation and Professional Development

Cutting-edge education organizations are using the immersive learning middle school and high school classroom simulators to:

  • Practice challenging instructional strategies and lessons
  • Improve how teachers communicate with parents
  • Establish classroom routines and manage classroom behavior
  • Assess teacher effectiveness

Educator Leadership Training

Mursion provides customized training simulations for principals, assistant principals, instructional coaches, and teacher leaders to practice and master essential school leadership skills, such as:

  • Providing feedback to a struggling teacher
  • Engaging parents in challenging conversations
  • Effectively facilitating team meetings to improve instruction and address achievement gaps

Social Skills for Children with Autism

A number of our partner organizations are exploring how virtual simulation can be used to both improve the communication and social skills of children with autism spectrum disorder, and train the teachers, social workers and behavioral therapists who regularly work with them. Learn more about how Mursion is leveraging virtual reality to improve outcomes for children with autism.

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