What is Mursion Portal?

Mursion is introducing a new scheduling tool - the Mursion Portal - that will streamline scheduling sessions and allow you to better track your learners.
The Portal has a lot of really neat features such as:

How do I get started?

If you've already used Mursion Portal (located at portal.mursion.com), you're all set! Simply click the link above to continue.

To get started, you will first need to attend a Mursion Portal Training session. This will only last for 30 minutes, and there are several sessions available to fit in your schedule. During the training session, we'll guide you through the process of scheduling with the new system and answer any questions you might have. Please note that anyone on your team that is planning on scheduling sessions will need to attend as well.

Following the training session, you will receive a registration link that will provide access to the Mursion Portal.

Register for a Training session

I haven't heard about this until now. How can I receive updates in the future?

We strive to reach all of our customers when communicating updates to our services, but alas, some tend to slip through the cracks. Help us improve our list by using the subscribe link below.

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Have any other questions we can help you with?

Our Support Team is here to help! We are available between the hours of 8am-9pm EST Monday through Friday.

You can also reference our new Knowledge Base! We've been hard at work to bring as much reference information to you as possible to help ensure a seamless experience. Simply click the link below and you're in!

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